13th and 14th August
Pre primary celebrated India’s 72nd Independence Day in a
innovative way spread over two days involving a variety of
On the maiden day of the festivities (13th August) an unique
Competition ” The great leaders of India” was held with
participants decked in their favourite leaders outlook only
to be judged by an eminent panel of 3 judges.
The winners were
Skyrah Enthiado( first place and best costume)
Yashika Salvi ( second place)
Maryam Kasmani ( third place)
Sana Mogar ( first place)
Saloni Toraskar ( second place)
Humaira Shaikh ( third place)
Emilie D’souza ( best costume)
Ketaki Sawant (first place)
Paree Digwal (second place)
Asmi Kakad ( third place)
Kriselle Braganza ( best costume)
Final day( 14 th August) commenced
with a prayer service by Sr.KG and prayer dance on the song “pray for India”
by the Jr KG children which was followed by a dance on
” Ye duniya ek Dulhan” and a song ” Ma Bharat Mata”
by the little ones of Nursery. The event was aptly
Culminated through a wonderful recital on the tunes
of “Kandhose¬† mile kandhe” along with a few patriotic
songs “Desh humara, We shall overcome” by Sr.KG..