Principal’s Message

Dear Students, Parents, Teachers, Alumni and Well Wishers,

Welcome to our home on the Internet. Although we have invested in technology in our classrooms, we have been late being on the Internet. Over the last 60 years, our school has provided girls in Bandra West a value based education. We now have over 2000 students and have started investing in technology to aid the teachers with interactive content. We will continue to develop and enrich our student’s education and life.

Our teaching, administrative and support staff are committed to provide the right guidance to our students. Over the next few months, we will keep sending updates and information on a regular basis and we would like your feedback as well.

Yours in faith

Sr. Suchitra Furtado A.C


July 13, 2013: Sr. Pearl Anne’s speech on the occasion of the Diamond Jubilee. To view video, visit our YouTube Channel

July 29, 2013: Sr. Pearl Anne’s speech on the Feast of Saint Alphonsa. To view video, click here.

August 28, 2013: Sr. Pearl Anne extols the values and life of St. Joan of Arc on her Feast day. To view video, click here.