The Sr.KG Elocution competition was held on the 17th September,2019. The Judges were Mrs. Deepika Lobo, Mrs. Trini Tauro and Mrs. Salome Masacrenhas – professors from our Apostolic Carmel Junior College. This is done annually, in an attempt to promote English speaking skills, in terms of pronunciation, delivery, and voice modulation, and to develop English in its spoken form. This year too, several children gave in their names as participants, which resulted in a keenly contested audition round. The poems selected were varied and very enjoyable. The prize winners were as follows-

Sr.Kg A

1st place – Alicia Fernandez

2nd place – Sarah Rodrigues

3rd place – Sayuri Pereira

Sr.Kg B

1st place – Emilie D’souza

2nd place – Aneilya Gonsalves

3rd place – Tejaswini Bondre

Sr. Kg C

1st place – Tajalli Rizvi

2nd place – Jeneema Miranda

3rd place – Myraa Shaikh

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