School Cabinet

The school cabinet is a very integral part of the school and comprises of a well-knit team of 12 students, chosen by the Principal and the teachers. The cabinet is sworn in an investiture ceremony. Each cabinet’s term lasts for a year, after which the next team takes over. The cabinet is responsible for the maintenance of discipline in the school. They also shoulder the responsibility of organizing all cultural programmes and competitions held in the school. Being student representatives, the cabinet acts as an important link between the students and the school management.


High School Cabinet

DSC00713     For the Academic Year 2015-16, the High School cabinet members are:

Head Girl – Kareena Pinto

Asst. Head Girl – Rachel D’souza

Minister for Discipline – Alcia D’souza

Asst. Minister for Discipline – Chellsea Carmel

Sports Captain – Vidisha Sawant

Asst. Sports Captain – Florian Pareira

Minister for Cultural Affairs – Danielle Pereira

Asst. Minister for Cultural Affairs – Yashfeen Khan

Minister for Art – Umme Rafath

Asst. Minister for Art – Madhumita

Minister for Cleanliness – Afifa Ansari

Asst. Minister for Cleanliness – Khaushi Karia

St. Agnes House Captain – Nicole Pereira

St. Agnes House Asst. Captain – Nida khan

St. Alphonsa House Captain – Abhisri Palan

St. Alphonsa House Asst. Captain – Samiksha Melekar

St. Therese House Captain – Felcia Mendes

St. Therese House Asst. Captain – Denisha Coelho

St. Joan of Arc House Captain – Jayvanti Dhokey

St. Joan of Arc House Asst. Captain – Sara Khan

Primary School Cabinet

The primary cabinet for the academic year 2014-15 had its investiture ceremony.

Head Girl – Daniella Fernandes

Asst. Head Girl – Kiara Pinto

Discipline Captain – Fauziya Anjani

Asst. Discipline Captain – Kimberley D’Mello

Sports Captain – Prapti Parmar

Asst. Sports Captain – Shania Pereira

Cleanliness Captain -Tooba Siddiqui

Asst. Cleanliness Captain – Aisha Lakhpatwala

St. Agnes House Captain -Ilene Thomas

St. Agnes Asst. House Captain – Prabhnoor Kaur

St. Alphonsa House Captain -Vaidehi Hajare

St. Alphonsa Asst. House Captain – Taiba Farooqui

St. Therese House Captain -Saniya Shaikh

St. Therese Asst. House Captain – Neela Merchant

St. Joan of Arc House Captain – Jiya Bhatia

St. Joan of Arc Asst. House Captain – Neha Fernandes