1. The Junior Kg held their Fancy dress Competition on the 27th September 2019. The judges for the competition were Mrs.Zelda Ferreira, Mrs.Vanessa D’cruz and Sr. Rosehera A.C. The purpose of conducting the competition was not only to blend learning with fun but also to develop confidence in the students by giving them the opportunity to get on the stage and speak in front of the audience. The efforts and hard work of the students and parents were highly commendable. The winners of the Fancy Dress Competition were as follows:

1st place – Angel Fernnades (Plastic)
2nd place – Skyrah Enthiado (Save water)
3rd place – Maira Bobre (Egg)

1st place – Maryam Kasmani (Jelly Fish)
2nd place – Zara Sayed (Rainbow)
3rd place – Areeba Chougle (Dustbin)

1st place – Inayah Rawjee (Washing Machine)
2nd place –  Nyra Aguiar (Endangered species – Sparrow)

3rd place – Tanaaj Sutar (Child Labour) & Reya (A Tree)

Best Costumes:
Jr.KG A – Maira Bobre (Egg)
Jr.KG B – Maryam Kasmani (Jelly Fish)
Jr.KG C – Nyra Aguiar (Endangered species – Sparrow)

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