Given the increased incidence of domestic waste being dumped into the open seas, our students, the Grade XII Commerce students of Apostolic Carmel Junior College, have made their invaluable contribution to cleaning up the environment; through regular beach cleanups. This maiden effort by the students witnessed 47 young ladies, armed with rubber gloves, working shoulder to shoulder with BMC cleaners to pick up all sorts of garbage strewn along the shores of our famed Juhu beach on Thursday 26th September 2019.

Inspired by two of their own classmates, Ms. Joanna Mendonca and Ms. Jeanna D’souza, who launched their own organization, ‘La Oceanaa’ in a bid to clean up our beaches; our students will undertake a sustained cleanliness campaign once every month, from September to December 2019. We at Apostolic Carmel are displaying remarkable enthusiasm and are truly willing to be the change we want to see.  We invite you all to join us to take this noble cause forward; as this a matter of concern to us all. We look forward to making formidable strides in our bid to save our beloved Arabian Sea!

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