As the Apostolic Carmel Congregation marches towards the Sesquicentennial year of its foundation.  The staff and students of the Apostolic Carmel High School and Junior College were extremely delighted to have an exhibition on the  ‘Life of Mother Veronica on Wheels’. This was indeed a step taken to make our Foundress Venerable Mother Veronica known to all.

The staff and students put in immense trouble to make this event a remarkable one. The students from the Pre-PPimary up to the Junior College actively participated in preparing the exhibits and explaining the significance of each scene that were displayed on the Life of our Foundress. Our  young Carmelites of the Pre-Primary dressed as religious captured the attention of the onlookers through their action song, “Veronica was her name”.


The exhibits were  on view for 4 days to various groups of people :

Day 1:

The neighboring schools were invited and the following schools made their presence felt.

St. Aloysius High School

St. Stanislaus High School

St. Ann’s High School

St. Andrew’s High School