The Annual Art and Craft Exhibition for the Primary Section was held on the 25th February,2017. The classrooms from Std. I to Std. IV were looking beautiful with all the Artsheets and Craft work put up and decorated by the class teachers for the occasion. It was a marvellous event as the children were proud to put up their hard work to showcase their talent and skill, in some of the techniques which were beautifully displayed with colourful mobiles, different projects, needle work, pencil and crayon shading, abstract painting, best out of waste, and the list can go on. It was indeed a wonderful event for the parents who were in awe to see their child’s work and praised the teachers for their efforts. The headmistress Sr. Elita took deep interest in the work of each class and was happy with the ultimate output. Kudos to the Primary Section for their innovation, creativity and hardwork!!!