How many of us know that we and the giraffe share the same number of bones in our neck? Or that our skeleton renews itself every 10 years? Or that our ears and nose never stop growing? At the recent Selfie week in the library, students discovered these and other interesting facts about their bodies and…. Even got rewarded for it.
During this fun and fact filled week, students from all classes participated in the puzzles, quizzes craft activities conducted in the school library. Various pin ups were posted over the glass shelves and books on the Human body were put out on display for students to peruse. And this they did! Several students participated as the library always has the most wonderful prizes! Students rushed to the library , snacks and friends notwithstanding and a buzz of activity prevailed the whole week through.
Each activity had not one but 2 winners who went away pleased as punch. Who said libraries are boring? Just ask any Apostolic Carmel girl, she’ll tell you otherwise.

Winners of the selfie week
Our amazing bones activity
Tarannum Shaikh 7th A
Krutika 6th
Skeleton puppet
Saleha shaikh 6th A
Owaiza Ibrahim 8th B
Body quiz
Mahek Patel 9th A
Aabha Bapat 9th A
Tooth Anatomy
Hudah Ansari 10th B
Lysa 6th C