Music is a powerful means of communication. It fashions our thinking, aids emotional growth in children and enables them to grow up to be better thinkers of tomorrow. Children who have music as part of their staple diet, grow up to be sensible and responsible citizens.

The students of Apostolic Carmel Convent Primary school displayed just that as they sang and enacted their hearts out at the 2019- OUR MUSIC YOUR MELODY presentation.

The musical which was held on March 15th, aimed to showcase what all the kids had learnt throughout the academic year. Right from enjoyable action packed songs to musical concepts. Not forgetting their scales of course.

The music was tied together through a little skit which allowed the kids to be themselves…set in the backyard of one of the students home. Together, the 6 of them explored various aspects of life with each standard covering topics like climate, animals and general learning.