On the occasion of International Soil Day December 5 2017, the CCCG took it upon themselves to say thank-you to Mother nature in a different way.  As the pavements outside our school had just been repaired, the tree enclosures were dumped with cement, gravel and  stones after removing this, the team then topped up the niches with OUR VERY OWN COMPOST, made from the garbage collected over 3 months. Along with Deepak uncle who is definitely a part of the team, they replenished the soil, DURING recess, with great pride.

It was a fulfilling experience to give back to our environment, especially the fruit of our own hands. The process of composting is not an easy task and though our student don’t need to, they do their duty everyday-collecting the garbage, covering it with sawdust and turning the bin. They will surely be blessed even though no one sees them doing their job daily. Thank you to team members Caren, Ruth, Ann Maria Jose .Lawanya,Shanelle Dlima and Cassiel of class VIII.

If each one of us can care for the area around us, wouldn’t our world be better for it?