The farewell for the Std IV students 2016 – 2017 was held on 21st March, 2017. The programme began by welcoming all the students with music and cheering them as they entered the hall. There was a short prayer service with scripture reading and few petitions. Tr. Mariam prepared a powerpoint presentation of a flashback of the students participating in different activities in the portals of the Primary Section now becoming memories for each one of them. There was a speech given by the head girl Chelsy Vaz appreciating and thanking all the teachers who helped them in their formative years. A farewell song was played for them and Tr. Zelda and Sr. Elita asked the students to remember and keep up to the values they have imbibed when they were in the Primary and to continue to follow them. Few groups games were conducted for them by the Std.IV teachers after which they were handed over snacks and a souvenir. The programme ended with a farewell song ‘Good Bye my Trusted friend’.