Apostolic Carmel high school organised a camp for all the guiding students of std8. The camp was conducted from December 12 to 14th December 2019. The teachers along with the students left for lonavala early morning and reached the beacon resort where all the activities were to take place.

All the students showed immense excitement on reaching the spot and were alloted rooms . The activities that we witnessed were thoroughly loaded with knowledge and skills. Our guiding instructors , Hussain sir and delavine were very helpful, and shared a lot about the guiding camp and it’s importance with the students

The students attended sessions talking about various things  which are as follows:.

First aid kit:conducted by Hussain sir, where he spoke about what essentials you need to keep in a first aid box , how to treat cuts and minor burns, showed them how to wrap a bandage etc.

Knots session: students learnt different forms of knots and their uses.

Flag session : the significance of the guiding flag and it’s symbol.

Installation ceremony: all the students were enrolled as guides by our instructors. The students took a pledge and sang the song in unison after which they were given batches and scarfs .

The trek: the interesting part of camp was the trek where the students were taken to scenic place and were told to cook. Everyone was divided into groups. The students were told How  to light up the fire . We also had salad making competition, where in students presented their fruit plate in a very unique way.

Camp fire: the students were assembled on the grounds , around a bonefire where they learnt the guide claps. We also had a fashion show in which students were given different professions and were asked to dress up and talk about the importance of their profession. It was interesting to see how students inacted and spoke about the profession.

 NAB: the students were taken to visit the NAB , National association for the blind. The students amazed to see how the blind worked . They also got to learn about how a cloth is made , and saw the handlooms as well.

Advertisement:  the students were divided into groups  and each group were told to make an advertisement based on anything. It was a tough competition as each group came up with innovative ideas .

Activities: on the final day the students did quite a few adventure activities like rope climbing , darting , archery etc.


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