Apostolic Carmel Junior college organized a two day youth seminar for women titled Carmel-V-Care. The Manager Sr .Theodomira A.C, The Principal Sr Suchitra Furtado A.C,the supervisor Mrs Mercy Isaac and the guest speaker Dr.Richard Pereira began by lighting the lamp and praying God’s blessings on the youth who are the future. Dr.Richard Pereira spoke on the topic “Pieces of advice from a father to his little daughter”.He threw light on various aspects like Family, Friends, The body and self identity, Relationships, Marriage and the role of a woman,Materialism, Self esteem and ultimately God as the central focus of our existence.

Dr Sagar Karia of Sion Hospital addressed the students on the second day. His talk titled “yeh Jawani Hai Dewani” was based on adolescent crisis. He spoke on various mental disorders that can affect mainly female youth like Borderline Personality Disorder, Premenstrual syndrome/Premenstrual Dysphonic Disorder and Post Partum Depression.

The two day seminar was followed by a debate for the students of the Arts and Commerce sections. The commerce students debated over the current issue of the demonetization of the currency. The arts students debated over the topic ,whether teenagers are worldly wise than their parents.

The Carmel-V-Care was attended by its Alumni, parents and other students from nearby colleges. The Seminar aimed at spreading awareness of the importance of morals and values which every student should possess so as to build up strong individuals in our society.