The school cabinet is a very integral part of the school and comprises of a well-knit team of 12 students, chosen by the Principal and the teachers. The cabinet is sworn in an investiture ceremony. Each cabinet’s term lasts for a year, after which the next team takes over. The cabinet is responsible for the maintenance of discipline in the school. They also shoulder the responsibility of organizing all cultural programmes and competitions held in the school. Being student representatives, the cabinet acts as an important link between the students and the school management.

Cabinet Leaders For Year 2020-21

High School

Head GirlKrisel Corriea
Asst Head GirlDalryn Pinto
Minister For DisciplineHaram Khan
Asst. Minister For DisciplineLatika Haudekar
Sports CaptainDevona Lewis
Asst. Sports CaptainFaith Gomes
Minister For Cultural AffairsNeha Fernandes
Asst. Minister For Cultural AffairsAyesha Khan
Minister For ArtSejal Vinde
Asst. Minister For ArtAsmi Dabholkar
Minister For CleanlinessZoya Charania
Asst. Minister For CleanlinessMaitri Kaluwala
St. Agnes House CaptainSejal Dabade
Asst. Captain St.agnes HouseFauziya Ajani
St. Alphonsa House CaptainAdele D'souza
Asst. Captain St. Alphonsa HouseRiddhi Bariya
St. Therese House CaptainTaranum Shaikh
Asst. Captain St. Therese HouseShashwati Gawani
St. Joan Of Arc House CaptainNanette Fernandes
Asst. Captain St. Joan Of Arc HouseKiara Pinto

Primary Section

Head Girlcassandra D’mello
Asst Head Girlkelly Lourdes Vandrine
Minister For Disciplinesuneza Shaikh
Asst. Minister For Disciplinezoya Shaikh
Sports Captainsafa Ukaiye
Asst. Sports Captaingabbriela Misquitta
Minister For Cleanlinessmichelle Fonseca
Asst. Minister For Cleanlinesslatisha Pujari , Sarah Khan
Minister For Cultural Affairsroseanne Gonsalves
Asst. Minister For Cultural Affairsdaine D’souza
St. Agnes House Captainceleste Cardoza
Asst. Captain St.agnes Houseaamina Shaikh
St. Alphonsa House Captaincriselle Noronha
Asst. Captain St. Alphonsa Housezara Islam
St. Therese House Captainevericka Evu Eve Rathod
Asst. Captain St. Therese Houseaayushi Mahadik
St. Joan Of Arc House Captainayat Arfat Allarakha
Asst. Captain St. Joan Of Arc Houserifah Farooqui

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